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Our search for Vancouvers best beer


Anyone who knows us, knows we love great beer. In Edinburgh, if we weren’t at work or at home, we were in The Hanging Bat.

Since our arrival we have tried a whole host of beer bars and liquor stores in our search for the best beer Canada has to offer. The good thing is that getting a hopped up “American” style IPA is easy out here, with almost every place we’ve been offering one of the local IPA’s on tap (Red Racer IPA and Driftwood’s Fat Tug IPA being our favourites so far). However whilst this wide availability of solid craft beer is great, we have been looking for a place to go and indulge in the more extreme beer styles and flavours.

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Vancouver Aquarium


I started my job at Stanley’s last Thursday and so far have been enjoying it. I work with a good bunch of people, in a truly beautiful and unique location and I’m slowly but surely adapting to my new role. The restaurant is part of the Daniel Hospitality Group who own several bars and restaurants in Vancouver and have been voted one of BC’s top hospitality employers to work for. So far so good. However, I must admit the hours are a bit of a concern. During the interview I was told the current hours of operation are 11.00 to 16.00; therefore, I assumed, 5 hours a day, 5 days week – which with the added bonus of tips, would be enough to cover living costs with some beer money left over. In reality, I’m lucky if I’m getting 3 hours a day at the moment, and if it’s raining, I simply lose my shift! Things are set to pick up in July and August when the restaurant busies up and extends it’s opening hours, but in the meantime I’m facing a bit of a dilemma – especially with Junuary on the way! (We’ve been told that the month of June is often referred to as Junuary by Vancouverites as the weather can pretty unpredictable and usually rains a lot).

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