We’ve moved (again) – Its the final time, I promise!

We now have our own domain and hosting over at http://learninghowtobeacanadian.com/


Our search for Vancouvers best beer


Anyone who knows us, knows we love great beer. In Edinburgh, if we weren’t at work or at home, we were in The Hanging Bat.

Since our arrival we have tried a whole host of beer bars and liquor stores in our search for the best beer Canada has to offer. The good thing is that getting a hopped up “American” style IPA is easy out here, with almost every place we’ve been offering one of the local IPA’s on tap (Red Racer IPA and Driftwood’s Fat Tug IPA being our favourites so far). However whilst this wide availability of solid craft beer is great, we have been looking for a place to go and indulge in the more extreme beer styles and flavours.

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A wander round Stanley Park

Blog posts are like buses… apparently.

Today was Ilona’s first day at work and as I had a day off I decided it was time to finally make it the whole way round the sea wall of Stanley Park. After the usual leisurely morning spent having breakfast and video calling the family, I packed Ilona off to work and set off on a solo adventure to Stanley Park. As the walk around the wall is around 10km, I decided to catch the bus to the start point.

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Settling in

Since our last post we have officially moved out of the hostel and into our own studio apartment. Initially we had been searching for flats in the downtown area, but after a couple of viewings we decided to cast our net further to see what other areas had to offer. We arranged to see a studio apartment on Tuesday in South Granville, which is ten minute bus ride from downtown. Before we even arrived at the viewing we already had a good feeling about the place, as the advert suggested that it would tick all our boxes. For a start, the apartment was cheaper than the others we had viewed, whilst also appearing from the pictures to be larger. Furthermore, the price included all taxes, utilities, internet and cable.

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The IEC Application Process 2013


So we have officially made it through the application process for a one year working travel visa in Canada. Whilst stressful (and often rage inducing) at the time, we now retrospectively agree that the process is not only relatively painless but also pretty efficient.

We thought a nice first post to this new blog, aimed at documenting our experiences in Canada over the next year, would be a discussion of what to expect when applying through the new (as of 2013) online system. We both felt that instruction and information from the Canadian High Commission (CHC) was severely lacking and hope that we can provide a useful (and reassuring) guide for those applying in future.

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