Our first two days in Vancouver

It’s been a very long time coming – some of you probably thought it was never going to happen (and to be honest, it did feel that way at times) – but at last, on Tuesday 9th April 2013, we landed at Vancouver International Airport! The ten hour flight passed surprisingly quickly. While Thom has experienced several long haul flights, this was my very first venture outside of Europe so wasn’t sure how I’d cope with such a long journey in a confined space. We flew with Air Transat, a Canadian carrier who offer flights at comparatively cheap rates, and we certainly couldn’t complain about the service. They were constantly up and down the plane with complimentary (non-alcoholic) drinks and even the food wasn’t bad. The only complaint was the moron sat in front of Thom who had his chair reclined the whole way (even during the meal) and also managed to wake me up after trying very hard to get some shut eye.

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The IEC Application Process 2013


So we have officially made it through the application process for a one year working travel visa in Canada. Whilst stressful (and often rage inducing) at the time, we now retrospectively agree that the process is not only relatively painless but also pretty efficient.

We thought a nice first post to this new blog, aimed at documenting our experiences in Canada over the next year, would be a discussion of what to expect when applying through the new (as of 2013) online system. We both felt that instruction and information from the Canadian High Commission (CHC) was severely lacking and hope that we can provide a useful (and reassuring) guide for those applying in future.

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